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Whenever there is a problem or repair in the Home appliance of the household, the common queries put forth are the following:

Q 1. What kind of appliances do you repair? 

Ans: At Appliances, we repair all manners of appliances for the office and for the home. We have two departments at the company, and one is for home appliance repairs awhile the other is or the commercial appliances repairs. For the home, we will repair appliances like the washer, drier, icemaker, fridge, stove repair, cooktop repair, oven repair and many others. For commercial, we will repair appliances like commercial washers, generators, walk-in freezers and fridges and air conditioners.

Q2. Why Should I hire you to repair my oven?

Ans: We know that you need your appliance in operation as fast as possible and that is why we will stand by our word of timeliness. As long as you are in our service area, our technicians will be at your premises in no time at all and soon, they will have your oven cooking just fine.

Q3. Is servicing my appliances worth the trouble?

Ans: In fact, servicing the appliances at home is very important because that will take care of any defects early enough before they escalate. Minor as well as the major appliances should be serviced from time to time by qualified technicians as this usually saves more money in the long run.

Q4. My oven has this strange odor when it cleans itself out. What should I do?

Ans: Usually, the stale smell is caused by spilled food. You should have nothing to worry about at all, but it would be better if you made sure that there are no more spills in the future.

Q5. My washer produces these strange sounds that I haven’t heard before, but it is washing out alright. What could be wrong?

Ans: When did you last have your washer serviced? It is very important that you let an experienced technician look it over. If you hear any strange sound from your appliances, that is a sign that something is loose or broken. Stop using it immediately and get it serviced or repaired.

Q6. I have different Appliances at home. Will your technicians be able to handle them all?

Ans: At Appliances, technicians are trained to handle more than 30 brand names of appliances. They also get refresher courses to catch up with the latest technologies and even more important, time to time, we arrange for training schedules with the manufacturers to know their products.

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